Current UK Government policy does not make way for priority vaccination for people with ME/CFS, but we know that contracting the virus could have serious impacts for sufferers.

There is open debate about possible side effects of the vaccination for people with ME/CFS. This is also true of the flu jab, with many people not accepting the annual flu vaccination due to additional fatigue symptoms associated with it.

But that said, it is a personal choice and one that should be carefully considered.

Evidence about the impacts of the virus clearly demonstrates how serious it is, with the UK now recordeding well in excess of 100,000 deaths so far. Many of those people have suffered underlying health conditions which have exacerbated the symptoms of the virus.

The Green Pages list a number numerological disorders that should be considered within priority group 6, but ME/CFS is not one of those conditions listed, neither does it appear on the Government website detailing priority groups. This is detrimental to those who suffer the impacts of ME/CFS.

We are asking our members and supporters to sign the online petition to request ME/CFS is added to the list of priority groups, thus opening up the opportunity for people with ME/CFS to obtain the vaccination if they choose too.

Sign the petition by following the link below.

We are also asking, if you are able, to write to your local MP asking for their support to bring about this change. The link above contains a letter template you can use.

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