How we can support you

Shropshire M.E. Group offers a number of ways to support its members and their families.  We want to help bring positivity where there is so much negativity at times, by bringing people together and encouraging them to share their experiences and ideas, by making resources available that can help you and others have a better understanding of the disease and how it affects sufferers.

Self-help Peer groups

We offer a number of self-help peer support groups across the county coordinated by one of our committee members, Donna.  Over recent years, Donna has first hand experience as a caregiver to someone with M.E. and has a very keen interest in current research programmes into M.E. as well as treatments to help reduce symptoms.

Further details about the Shropshire M.E Group self-help peer sessions can be found here.

Resource library for members

As a group member, you will have access to our free lending library service packed with a wealth of books and other media formats.  These resources will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about M.E., how it affects patients and ways in which you can support a loved one who has M.E.


Many people living with M.E. will be unable to work full time, or perhaps not at all.  This has obvious effects with regards to the burden on individuals and their families when sufferers cannot work and provide financially.  There are welfare benefit payments available to those who meet the qualifying criteria pay for through the Department for Work & Pensions.

Our benefits pages give a brief outline of support available through the DWP, how to apply and where to find additional information to help with your claim.

Shropshire M.E. Group is unable to provide individuals with in depth support to its members and site visitors and cannot provide assistance that will guarantee you are successful in claiming a particular benefit.  For further support we advise you to make contact with the DWP or your local Citizens Advice centre.