Join Shropshire M.E. Group

It’s our aim to offer as much support as we can to people in the Shropshire area who live with M.E/CFS, by becoming a member you will have access to additional resources and support that can help provide a more positive outlook.

Our annual membership fee is just £10, per person.  We have chosen to keep our joining fees low because we recognise that M.E. can impact finances as well as all the other challenges sufferers will face.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, please indicate this to us during your membership sign up.  We can review your membership request and may offer to assist with your joining fee.

Membership benefits

By becoming a Shropshire M.E. Group member you will receive:

  • Regular copies of our newsletter packed with a wealth of information and all the latest research news our publisher can lay their hands on.
  • Access to our free lending library, offering written and audio resources to help with the management of M.E, as well as books about research studies and findings.
  • Membership access to our private Facebook group (for those who like to use social media), where you can connect with other people across the county who share similar experiences of M.E/CFS.
  • Priority updates regarding our annual conference, showcasing local and national support networks, along with guest speakers working in the field of M.E/CFS.
  • An invitation to your local peer support group providing support, encouragement and general idea sharing on how to live and manage your condition.

How to join

If you would like to become a Shropshire ME Group member, simply complete a membership application by clicking the button below.

If you have any others queries please contact us.