After a long review process involving clinical specialists, round table discussions including views from patients with ME/CFS and additional input from Dr Charles Shepherd of the ME Association, NICE finally released a full review of the management and treatment of the condition.

For many years people suffering the chronic illness have been subjected to treatment plans such as Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) which has resulted in increased pain, fatigue and in some cases, sufferers being bed bound.

This course of treatment has been the go to place for many healthcare professionals for a long time, despite the calls of many patients and specialists asking for an end to the treatment program. NICE welcomed the views of people from all sides of the debate and reached the conclusion that much needed changes in the approach to managing the condition were overdue.

To read the full details of the current NICE guidelines, please click here.

We would encourage our members and visitors to direct their GP or healthcare professionals to read the current guidance and ensure appropriate management is being offered at all opportunities.

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