About Shropshire M.E Group

Since 1987, the Shropshire M.E Group has been supporting people in the county suffering from M.E/CFS, helping them come to terms with their symptoms and the impact of living with the condition.

Through resources such as our website, lending library, and support peer groups in and around Shropshire, we work hard to create a network of help for suffers, their families and caregivers.

How we help you

A large focus of our work has been to create a local point of contact for people coping and living with M.E.CFS.  We achieve this through engaging in the following activities:

  • The publication of a bimonthly newsletter for members, offering the latest new, events and developments in the world of M.E research.
  • Local peer support groups giving the opportunity for people to share ideas of their coping mechanisms, lifestyle strategies and to simply find mutual support from others who live with the condition.
  • A lending library enabling our members to loan books, articles and media recordings about M.E.  These are loaned to members without charge.
  • An Annual conference where leading M.E specialists present lectures and answer questions about the disease.
  • Fundraising events organised by our volunteers to support the Shropshire ME Group and research into M.E.
  • Social events organised by group members, such as picnics and visits to accessible local attractions.
  • A private Facebook group where members can communicate with other members, helping to reduce the feeling of isolation often experienced with M.E.
  • The publication of information leaflets to help raise awareness of M.E & CFS.
  • We keep our website as up to date as we can, giving visitors access to a wealth of information and news about M.E and research into the illness, as well as useful guides to benefits and where to find other sources of help and information.

We know that social isolation can have a great impact on the lives of those who live with M.E./CFS, to help sufferers connect with us and reduce the feelings of being alone we also have a public Facebook and Twitter account which will keep followers up to date on the world of M.E., and keep readers abreast of activities Shropshire ME Group is currently involved in.

You can find us on Twitter by searching for @Shropshire_ME or on Facebook using the name @ShropshireMEgroup.



Our board of trustees & members

The Shropshire M.E group is run solely by volunteers, many of whom either have M.E themselves, or their loved ones have the illness.

Our board members come from a variety of different backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of valuable skills to help further the aims and objectives of the organisation.

If you wish to make contact with any of our trustees or committee members, please use our contact page.