A gut reaction is the problem in ME/CFS – that’s the main idea being
pursued by Dr Ian W. Lipkin of the Center for Infection and Immunity
at Columbia University. He believes that the body’s response to
changes in the gut could be what’s driving ME/CFS for at least some

Lipkin’s collaborative group, the Center for Solutions for ME/CFS,
will test this theory as part of a $9.6 million, five-year research
programme, which Lipkin was good enough to discuss with me via phone
and email.

This huge research programme, which is funded by the National
Institutes of Health (NIH), is made up of three main projects. This
blog looks at the first two, which will use high-tech approaches to
see if changes in the gut are causing changes in the body,
particularly in the immune system. The third project, which looks at
the biological response to exertion in ME/CFS, will be covered in the
next blog.

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