The ME Association has teamed-up with Gary Burgess to produce a series of podcasts they have called ‘The ME Show’. Gary will be narrating each episode and interviewing invited guests.

The podcasts will seek to raise awareness about M.E., provide information and research news, and will include notable guests and experts from within, and outside of, the M.E. world.

The ME Show will go live at the very start of ME Awareness Week, on Monday 7th May. And they will be aiming to produce an episode regularly thereafter. A schedule of upcoming events will be published by The M.E. Association in due course.

Gary has become well-known online, particularly in recent months with his interview for the Jersey Evening Post, and then an appearance on ITV where he worked as a reporter; before he was diagnosed with M.E.

He also appeared as guest-editor on Radio 5 Live which featured an hour-long phone-in, raising awareness of the issues people with this disease regularly have to face. And he produces The Zonked Club, his own series of blogs and articles.

Gary in the studio for his recent BBC Radio 5 Live programme.


The ME Show

The teaser is now live and has been accepted by iTunes as well as a number of other major podcast platforms. It means The M.E. Association can begin promoting the show to get people subscribing ahead of episode one.

They want these podcasts to be of interest to people affected by M.E. but also to those who have little or no knowledge of the disease.

It is therefore important, if you are able, to try and access the podcast via iTunes or other devices and ‘rate and review’ where you can.

This will lead to more people becoming aware of the ME Show as it will boost it in the ratings. The main driver of traffic will be iTunes.


The ME Show has jumped to Number 1 in the rankings when you search for it on iTunes!

The way the iTunes algorithm works means the more people ‘rate and review’ the podcast, the more prominent it is placed within the iTunes system and the more other people will be attracted to it.

So, please get everyone and anyone you know to ‘rate and review’ even the teaser episode.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast!

On iTunes it will then mean any new episodes are automatically added to your library.

How to access The ME Show




Google Play: coming soon

TuneIn: coming soon


The ME Association Website

You can also listen to the podcast teaser on the ME Association website, just follow the link below and visit their webpage.

Listen to the teaser now.


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