Campaigning on behalf of the #MillionsMissing

#MillionsMissing is coming back to Birmingham.



We are calling on all our supporters, friends, family members, caregivers and those with M.E. if they happen to be well enough on the day, to join us in Birmingham and raise awareness of the millions of people around the globe who have M.E. and may be hidden from view, and the millions of missing pounds that are needed for research into the illness, it’s causes and possible future treatment.

Everyone attending the event is encouraged to take a pair of shoes to represent those who are too ill to attend.  Attach a label to the pair of shoes and ask the person your shoes represent to add a short message giving the following information:

Their first name


How long they have been ill

What they are missing because of M.E.


The visual impact of many empt pairs of shoes lined up for all to see, is a strong one, and sends a clear message to those who pass by.

Above image: #MillionsMissing Birmingham 2017


Register your interest and attendance for the event at the #MEaction website.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to send a pair of shoes to the event with one of our members, please contact us using the form below:

You can also send a cardboard cut out of a shoe to us with your message written on it.  We will hang them on our Shropshire ME Group display on your behalf.  Please use the form above for more details.



#MillionsMissing will take place at Cathedral Square, Birmingham,  between 12 -4 pm.

The square is located just 8-10 minute walk form New Street Station, and 3 – 4 minutes walk from Birmingham Snow Hill station.

There are a number of benches within the square for those who have M.E. and require seating.  You will also find a selection of cafe’s and restaurants within the area providing the opportunity to purchase teas and coffees, or food, throughout the afternoon.



Be seen, go red

Special Millions Missing branded t-shirts are hoodies are available to buy to help get the campaign noticed by passers by.  If you would like to purchase any merchandise please visit the #MEAction website for further details