Campaigning on behalf of the #MillionsMissing

#MillionsMissing campaign comes to Shropshire and Birmingham for 2019

2019 saw the MEAction #MillionsMissing campaign come to Shropshire, highlighting the lack of funding into research and treatment of the chronic illness that affects 250,000 people in the UK and several millions worldwide.

Volunteers and committee members from Shropshire ME Group set up a presence at the top of Pride Hill in Shrewsbury on May 4th, just in time for the start of the national M.E. awareness week.  The key focus of the day was to be a visual representation for the many M.E. sufferers who are simply too ill to be there in person and to help members of the public become more aware of the symptoms and impacts of the chronic illness.

MEAction created the campaign to fight against the tide of misconceptions about the condition, to fight the wave of inappropriate treatments used to ease symptoms and to pressurise world governments to increase funding into research and new treatment options.

The campaign has called on its participants to bring pairs of shoes as a representation of someone who is to ill to be outside of their home because of M.E.  The shoes have tags attached with short messages written by sufferers.

The visual impact of many empt pairs of shoes lined up for all to see, is a strong one, and sends a clear message to those who pass by.

Above image: #MillionsMissing Birmingham 2017

The Shropshire ME Group has been part of the campaign movement in central Birmingham, organised by Sue Worall from Walsall.  Situated around the outside of Birmingham Cathedral, a gathering of dedicated volunteers with and without M.E. have handed out thousands of leaflets, obtained signatures for petitions and had many conversations with passers by, in turn, helping to spread awareness and gain much needed support for the campaign.

To be able to bring the campaign to Shropshire this year was a challenge, but one which we firmly believed needed to be undertaken.  We are thankful to Maralyn Hepworth and volunteers who willingly gave their time to this important global movement.

Further details about the #MillionsMissing campaign and how you can add your support, can be find out the MEAction website.

Be seen, go red

Special Millions Missing branded t-shirts are hoodies are available to buy to help get the campaign noticed by passers by.  If you would like to purchase any merchandise please visit the #MEAction website for further details.